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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  October 25, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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it? >> i do have a caboose on the back of this thing. i'm going to use it to my full advantage next week. >> in los angeles, george pennacchio, for abc news. >> see a lot of nancy. the caboose. now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. in a abduction-- attempted abduction has a warning issued to parents. could several baltimore city recreation centers close down? i am sherrie johnson, vil more on the sit -- i will have more on the city's plan. trick or treat something almost here but this year your kid might be disappointed. why they might not get as much candy this year. >> that straight ahead on this tuesday, october 25th a wonderful morning. i am charley crowson. wu before we get to the news --
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let's check the forecast. we are thrilled to be joined bymeteorologist lynette charles. >> i am thrilled to deliver the wonderful weather we will be having for today. check out the headlines. we are going to be seeing late october sunshine. it will be nice and dry outside. temperatures will be above average and showers are likely going towards the end of the week around thursday. and then we will get much cooler by the weekend. so we are looking at maryland's most powerful radar and things are nice and dry. it will stay that way through the rest of today. the temperature in bel air right now coming in right around 51. and we are seeing more of that into ellicott city a little cooler around 46 degrees. time to get a check of the traffic with tanya. good to see you. >> reporter: good morning. good to see you too good morning, we have no accidents reported on baltimore city or baltimore county road so that's always a good way to start. this is the beltway a live look at old court road. very light traffic in both directions. we have roadwork on the inner loop at southwestern boulevard in the left lane and center
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lane. looking at 95 at the fort mchenry tunnel, southbound traffic on the left shoulder there we do have an incident with police so stay to the right. watch for the flashing lights ment. roadwork is clear in the area. that's good news. charley. our big sorry comes with with a warning to parents. police in a abingdon are look for a man who approached a boy while walking to a school bus near cardinal way and st. clair drive. abc2's corinne redman is standing by with details of what police are looking for. >> reporter: harford county sheriff office are investigatingan ateemed abduction of a 14-year-old -- attempted abduction of a 14- year-old boy. they were approached by a stranger driving a dark van while walking to the bus stop at 6:30. the suspect threatened the boy telling him to get into the van. the boy ran home and his mother called police. investigators interviewed
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nearby neighbors who report spotting a suspicious van. police searched the area but weren't able to locate the suspect. this morning police continued to work to put together a description of the van. many of the neighbors say the area is normally safe so this incident is worrisome. >> absolutely. with having my daughter and one on the way and we have always been pretty content here and felt very safe, and that just sort of uproots things. >> reporter: now the sheriff's office is urging residents to be on the lookout getting a detailed description or license plate and to call harford county police if they see anything suspicious. corinne redman, abc2 news. a memorial service will be held saturday for a mother and her son found murdered inside her home and her son found two weeks later. his stepfather is accused in the two murders. the service is going to be in clarksburg at cedar brook community church the family -- church. family ask that donation
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provide donations to the dwelling place. police are vegging a brutal beating. a woman was found beaten to death. police were called to the 900 block of 41 1รก9 street before -- 41st street before 6. they are trying to find out what happened in the case. there's very little to go on right now. no word on a suspect or a possible motive. and an elderly couple is being mourned after what police are calling a murder-suicide. 80-year-old albert bower went to visit his wife sand dray -- sandra and witnesses heard shots coming from the ballard's room and they were found dead a statement calls the deaths a tragedy and also says there are -- they are an isolated incident. community members and parents are fired up about a plan to close several recreational centers around baltimore city. parents say it will take away a safe place for kids to learn in after school hours. sherrie johnson joins us live with the plan and what it entails and some reaction from
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parents this morning. sherrie. >> reporter: well, we are live here in front of city hall where city mayor stephanie rawlings blake has a plan that could end privatizing some recreation centers and closing others. and this plan has parents a little upset. this could happen at the first of the year. many of the recreation senters are packed with kids day after day. they come after school to find a safe place to play, meet friend and get help with homework and avoid the dangers of the city streets. a plan proposed by rawlings- blake would shift funding and operation of the 55rec senters to private companies or charities. a call for bids on running them brought 6 viable interest. a spokesperson for the mayor tells abc2 news that could mean many of the centers will be forced to close in a couple months. >> if they are closing the recs where will we send our children? >> they are serving the prp
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because kids come here. i could see if wasn't kid coming if they are not showing up, but they are here. what you going to do with them? >> reporter: there is expected to be a public hearing on november 2nd where the head of the rec and -- the head of the rec and parks department is going to be there to speak. catholic schools in baltimore received a good report card. they are seeing a turn around in enrollment. the strategic plan was developedby a blue ribbon community that came with up 56 recommendations. half have been in place among them stressing academics and strong school leadership. now last year, 13 schools were closed and 66 percent of the students decided to continue their education at other catholic schools. because of this, all 60 catholic schools in baltimore were national will he acredited once again. two more baltimore police officers pleaded guilty to being involved in a towing
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scheme. they pleaded guilty monday to conspiracy to commit extortion. this brings the count to 9 police officers who struck a deal with the majestic towing company instead of using a city approved business, they would encourage victims to use majestic. and jury selection continues for a murder trial for a woman charged in killing a coworker in march. selection began yesterday but is taking longer than expected. 85% of the potential polled jurors had seen or read some media coverage about the case. trial in is being speced to last about two weeks. a tough loss and tougher to watch. but there's breakdown of the ravens game last night and if you missed it, hear what joe flacco had to say when the clocks hit zero. this one was a shocker. also, the researcher stuck in the south pole after a apparent stroke is in baltimore. what she had to say that helped her as she made her way through the airport. we will hear from her in a bit. you are watching "good morning
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maryland" first and only at 4 clp 30. a live look at the -- 4:30. a live look at the capitol building in dc. =f>
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. okay. don't worry about any typos because it is the final score last night from monday night football and we are getting all new reaction. in the ravens 12-7 loss to the jaguars last night. now it made tuesday a downrightroton day. the offense couldn't do anything. and i mean anything. until a final two minutes of the game but by that point it was late. joe flacco hit boldin and on sidekick didn't work. flacco not a happy man after the team's horrible monday night performance. >> we didn't execute well. missed assignments, you know things like that. being more physical i don't think it has to do with being flat i think we didn't play a
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good game and they beat us. >> they did. the jags beat them didn't allow a first down until third quarter but get this lynette, jacksonville, they never scored a touchdown. 12-7 loss, four field goals. how about that lynette? >> pretty sad. but look at my purple. i am supporting the ravens. >> what you going to do? >> you have to do what you got to do. we are checking out the weather. maryland's most powerful radar, nothing is going on. it's going to be a gorgeous day outside today. we are looking at temperature wise right now into columbia coming in around 47 degrees. more of the same into fallston. annapolis around 48. and check out what we have in terms of the wind. not a whole lot. wind out of the -- winds out of the south. gusts up to 15 miles per hour. things looking pretty good and feeling good. check out the hour by hour forecast as we get warmer. temperatures around 67 degrees. mostly sunny skies. let's send it oaf to tanya for traffic. >> reporter: an incident
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cleared maryland 97 north at frederick road in cocksville and that's out of the way -- cooksville. and that's out of the way. 95 at 175 no incidents between the beltways or between elk ridge and laurel. look at 95 at fort mchenry tunnel. an accident is in the left lane 95 southbound before the tunnel. as you can see, lots of flashing lights stay to the left if you can. or stay in bore one. back to you, charley. >> we told you she was coming and arrived yesterday renee d out. ceur was evacuated from after what doctor believe it was a stroke. she spoke to reporters. >> i am so glad to be home. i am glad to be here. it's great to be back in america. >> extreme conditions prerented -- prevented her from getting out of the pole. she struggles with speech and vision and memory loss. it's been hailed as health
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revolution. today a vaccine may be urged on every child in the country. an hpv targeting boys, too. it may become a routine as measles, mumps. and should halloween be on a different day? and some are arguing that and we will ask you what you think. at that debate coming up next when "good morning maryland" continues on this tuesday, october 25th a live look at baltimore's inner harbor.
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#:45. five things to know on this tuesday morning -- 5:45. five things to know on thistuesday morning. first lady obama wrote a book for better nutrition and edible gardening that comes out next april. the president is set to make the fourth appearance on the tonight show with jay leno. president is in los angeles campaigning today from there he is going to head to san francisco and then to denver.
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and today republican presidential hopeful and texas governor rick perry plans to propose a 20% flat tax as part of a economic plan e claims it would make it easier for americans to file taxes and save nearly half a trillion dollars in overall compliance costs. jurors in the michael jackson involuntary murder trial heard from another doctor yesterday. dr. metser is testifying that jackson asked him about interveneous sleep medications two months before his death. he says that he warned the singer that iv anesthetics shouldn't be used outside a hospital setting. will trial is set to continue this morning. also this morning, the cdc is going to vote on what it recommends a routine hpv vaccine for 11 and 12-year-old boys. the controversial vaccine is recommended for girls and the virus is linked to cervical cancer to women and believe it can be transmitted to men. a recall to tell you about. 250,000 motorcycles are being recalled in the u.s. and they
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are the big one harley davidson recalling touring and track bikes between 2009 and 2012 because of a problem with the rear brake light switch. more than 300,000 are being recalled. harley says they will know fie owners of the recall. seems customers are still unhappy with changes to netflix. the company says they lost 800,000 u.s. customers within the last quarter. the movie rental company outraged customers by increasing subscription rates. they doubled the rates and trying to separate dvd by mail and streaming video plan. they are expecting another drop coming up in the upcoming quarter. and reports say google and microsoft are working a deal to finance -- to buy yahoo. neither would buy yahoo out right but they would contribute 1 to 2 billion dollars to help private equity groups by the -- buy the company. market value is set at $17 billion. if your kids go trick or
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treating they may notice they are not getting as many treats. linda so is live in explaining why. we will have unhappy kids come halloween. but once again, it's all coming back to money. >> reporter: it is all about money. you know, halloween night is a big night here in rogers forge. you can tell by the decoration. kid love going door to door to get trick or treats. but your kids might notice they are not getting as much candy as last year. that's because the cost is up and the adults who give it out say they are cutting back. as always, the treats are piled high at stores. but shoppers have noticed the prices have gone up. at the targeted house at the tarnlg -- target, candy is on sale. shoppers notice higher price and it will save to buy in bulk. smaller bags cost more in the long run. candy prices are up because the peanut shortage is driving up the price of peanut butter and candy. the national consumer league
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says it comes down to the federal government subi did to -- subsidy to help some sugar growers. >> i won't bias much as i normally would. the bowl will be shallow on the front porch this year. >> reporter: so as long as those peanut prices are up, it will affect whom you pay for candy -- how much you pay for candy and how much people give out. apparent say that's okay because at this -- parents say that's okay because typically less candy are happier parents. if you are trying to spend less abc is working for yowsm we have a few cost cutting -- for you. we have a few cost cutting tips. think about how many trick or treaters you had and buy accordingly. if you buy too much save receipts and return the unopenedbag. and buy candy you don't like. i am getting the nod on that so you are not tempted to dive into the goodies and before the trick or treaters show up and the candy is gone. look for coupons. check a store's website for coupons or point out coupons
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from candy makers like nestle or possibly willie wanka. we want to know what you think about the candy cost. weigh in on it. go to and check in the official wmar facebook fan page and let us know your thought on the cost of candy. one connecticut lawmakers wants to make halloween a floating holiday. costumes fly off the racks, opinions are sweeping in about representative tim larson's idea to change the halloween date. instead of october 31st he would like to move it to the last saturday of october. now mr. larson says it would help families since they won't have to rush after school and work to get the kid out trick or treating or go to the festival and he says it would be safer for trick or treaters to go door to door when the lights are out. >> just tradition should be tradition. it's like changing christmas because it's more convenient. >> >> i kids don't get home until 3:30 and it's rush to get the costume and they have to eat and they want to go through candy and you are like hurry up you have to go to bed a
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saturday afternoon would be awesome. >> even though he can't make it for this year e. says he will try to -- he says he will try to make it happen next year. police in texas are asking for the public's help in identifying a man sexually assaulting sorority members. broke into homes of four members of the same sorority and sexually assaulted them. it took place over a span of a few months and all the victims were black women in their mid- 50s and 60s and alumni of the delta sigma thata sorority. a home in north carolina police say a man was shot at least once following an argument during the card game over a couple bucks. the victim was rushed to the hospital where he later died. the suspects are in jail and charged with murder. an update on the bald eagle found shot in new york. vets taking care of the eagle say he is doing well. he is not eating on his own but he is starting to get feisty
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and that's a good thing. they are keeping a leather hood over his eyes to keep him calm. he still fighting off an infection but things seep to be -- seem to be getting better. there's a reward for information leading to whoever shot the eagle. thr protected by federal and state law. penalties are stiff fines and proper jail time. lynette. >> we are talking about the weather this morning and things are looking good. we are dealing with mainly clear skies out there and all that is going to translate into plenty of sunshine going through the rest of the day. reason why is we have high pressure building in. we had a weak front slide through last night. but all is good as of now. that's the way we like to see. i will take outtropics and i know you are taking me to the tropics? -- you to the tropics and i know you are like to the tropics? we are looking at hurricane rina and we are looking at winds sustained at about 100 miles an hour moving to the west northwest at about 3 miles an hour. i am going to step out of picture so you can see what's
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going on. it goes into motion and it could be affecting the resorts, cancun and cozumel as category one. looks like it might weaken as it maybe come in contact with the yucatan peninsula. but the good news is that it stays away from us. that's what we like to see. as we check out what's happening as we go through time here, the future radar not pick up on a whole lot there. is another front that is going to slide in going into wednesday, thursday, and we could be seeing showers in the forecast then. and for today, 67 mostly sunny and nice outside. by tonight the temperature right around 45 degrees. a few clouds and cool and then by tomorrow, we look at 70 -- 70, partly cloudy and mild and a slight chance of showers in the forecast. as we go into halloween, things cool down with temperatures in the 50s. tanya. >> reporter: 8 the 5 -- 895 at the harbor tunnel traffic is flowing freely. speak of the belt -- speaking
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of the beltway frederick road outer loop has most volume with the oncoming traffic. inner loop is moving well. we have roadwork on the inner loop at southwestern boulevard that should be wrapping up shortly. 95 at the fort mchenry tunnel, an accident that you can see. 95 southbound in the left lane. be careful as you merge into bore 2. charley. he was killed along with his son and a former aid in his hometown in libya. the body has been moved and latest on the death of the former libyan leader and why we will never know his final resting place. also, wikileaks shut down. why the company says they need to temporarily suspend puplycations -- publications. details in a bit when "good morning maryland" continues on this tuesday.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. we learned about an hour and a half ago that the bodies of moammar qaddafi and his son
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and former aide have been buried. they have been in the commercial freezer in the town since last week's death and reports of those you heard it on good morning maryland a spokesperson says they were buried at dawn in an unmarked grave at an undisclose location. the death toll in turkey is 366. the quake hit the eastern part of the country and more people are feared trap and the death toll is likely to rise. rescuers have been working 24 hours a day trying to find survivors and reports say 1300 people have sustained some level of injury. the wikileaks founder says the company will sem prairl suspend pblycation because they need time to make fund raising efforts and they are running out of donations. the organization facilitates the anonymous publication of sensitive information is running off cash reserves for the past year. he blames the financial blockade by u.s. banks for
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destroying 95% of the revenue. and the man accused of plotting to have the saudi ambassador to the u.s. killed was in court yesterday. he pleaded not guilty and is accused of conspiring to trying to hire a hitman from a mexican cartel to kill him at a restaurant in washington. the plot has been linked to the revolutionary guard in iran but iranian officials say the claims are untrue. three there's -- there's a warning for parents after an attempted abduction in harford county. parents and community leaders are concerned about possible closing of city rec centers. coming up, here's -- hear the mayor's plan. you play the game and they beat us. >> the minor observation of the obvious. the ravens played one of the worst games of the season.
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we will country watched until it got ridiculous and they switched over to the world series. all that is straight ahead on this tuesday morning. good morning, maryland, i am charley crowson. let's get to it with a check of the forecast. justin is on assignment this week. we will hear from him via skype a little later. but for now, andette charles is in with a check of the tuesday forecast. >> good morning. think you will like it because we have plenty of sunshine. some late october sunshine i don't think anyone will disapprove of. temperatures above average. and showers are likely as we go towards the end of the week and we will get much cool are by the weekend and into halloween. but we are looking at maryland's most powerful radar as of now and things are dry. we will stay that way through the remainder of today. enjoy it. eat the lunch outdoors if you can. and the temperatures into goldsboro a little chilly. temperatures a little above average but we are looking at it around 49 degrees and into sykesville more of the same at poony ridge elementary school with the temperature


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